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Harmony is an English name and means agreement, accord, and harmonious relations; or in music, any simultaneous combination of tones. Shouldn’t all parents and babies be in harmony with their needs, and the environment? Develop and market baby products that put your customers’ needs first, from conception through birth, and all of the developmental stages. […]


Melody is an English name and means musical sounds in agreeable succession or arrangement. Market everything baby, and musical, with Your inventory includes musical books, musical toys, music boxes featuring songs and lullabies, musically inspired baby decor, chimes, musical apps, musical books, musical instruments, musical dolls, and musical mobiles. Age: 2003


Age: 2004 Serenity is an English name, and means the state or quality of being serene, calm, tranquil. Create the baby products that bring serenity, to both parents and baby. From conception to baby bedding, to nursery furniture and decor, everyone appreciates the benefits of a serene life.